Inspiring Creativity and Confidence in Every Set

Columbia's first immersive "selfie" exhibit!

Selfie Love’s 2500 sq ft selfie studio is an immersive entertainment destination located at 804 Locust St., in the heart of downtown Columbia, Missouri.

Our Core Values

We want our guests to experience the following emotions through immersing themselves in our Imaginative Art Installations (a.k.a. selfie sets): Fun, Happiness, Positive Energy, Passion, Enthusiasm, Freedom of Expression, Originality, Creativity, Passion, and Confidence.

Our studio boasts 11 interactive, jaw dropping selfie sets for guest photos, and a full customizable party room available for rent.

Our Why

Anxiety, depression, and stress have taken over a vast majority of the population, and have been a rising cause for concern for everyone from parents and teachers, to employers and individuals alike.

This, combined with the lasting effects of 2020 and the covid-19 virus, has shined a light on our need as a community to uplift one another and foster healthier feelings of self worth, confidence, creativity, and positivity. Selfies are less about vanity, and more about coming together to celebrate our individual beauty and the differences that make each and every one of us unique.

Meet the Owners

Selfie Love is ran by two successful mom-preneurs and business owners, who have been working in the event industry for more than half a decade.

Our goal is to be an immersive digital experience to create everlasting memories. We are welcoming creatives, college students, teams, families, and guests of all ages to come to #loveyourselfie.

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